Estroso Trio in concerto

Il 26 gennaio l’Estroso Trio (Emy Bernecoli, violino; Walter Vestidello, violoncello; Francesco Fontolan, fagotto), eseguirà il mio TRIO per violino, violoncello e fagotto. Appuntamento alle ore 17:30, presso il Teatro Comunale di Castelnuovo del Garda (VR). Non mancate! Tutte le informazioni qui.

26 Gennaio 2020 ore 17.30

Dim Teatro Comunale, Via San Martino, 4

Castelnuovo del Garda (VR)


Emy Bernecoli, violino

Walter Vestidello, violoncello

Francesco Fontolan, fagotto

Musiche di Telemann, Gebauer, Corazza, Beethoven, Mozart, Wolf-Ferrari

E.A. Corazza, Trio per violino, violoncello e fagotto. III tempo. Registrato dal vivo il 24 settembre 2017 a Villa Bolasco, Castelfranco Veneto. Violino: Emy Bernecoli. Violoncello: Walter Vestidello. Fagotto: Francesco Fontolan. Ascoltate la registrazione integrale qui:
Estroso Trio
Estroso Trio: Emy Bernecoli, violin. Walter Vestidello, cello. Francesco Fontolan, bassoon.
Estroso Trio: Emy Bernecoli, violin. Walter Vestidello, cello. Francesco Fontolan, bassoon.
Estroso Trio: Emy Bernecoli, violin. Walter Vestidello, cello. Francesco Fontolan, bassoon.

Ottorino Respighi vs Serge Diaghilev – article

Ottorino Respighi - Serge Diaghilev

I am glad to announce the publication of my article Opera or ballet? Ottorino Respighi vs. Sergei Diaghilev: a study of the sources for La boutique fantasque, Le astuzie femminili, La serva padrona, «Archival notes», Venezia, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, II, 2017, pp. 1-16. (issn: 2499-832x).

You can read the full text here.

Conducting Respighi-Paisiello with Sinfonica Siciliana!

Save the dates! On July 7th, 2017 and on July 9th 2017, I will conduct two performances of Paisiello-Respighi’s “La Serva padrona” with the Sinfonica Siciliana.


Serpina: Raffaella Palumbo

Uberto: Francesco Leone

Vespone: Sandro Dieli


July 7th, 9pm, Palermo, Palazzo Riso. More info here.

July 9th, 9pm, Terrasini, Palazzo d’Aumale. More info here.


See you in Sicily!



German premiere of the Sarabanda for violin and piano by Ottorino Respighi

Friday May 5th 2017, 7PM, Haus der Musik im Fruchtkasten, Schillerplatz 1, Stuttgart – Germany-

Duo Bernecoli Corazza – Emy Bernecoli, violin and Elia Andrea Corazza, piano.

The score is available in the critical and first edition through Schott Music at this link.

The Sarabanda for violin and piano

Official pages of the event: CIDIM and Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Stoccarda.




Our musical journey on Italian Colour begins with the Sonata in Re maggiore RV10 by Antonio Vivaldi as transcribed by Ottorino Respighi, a great Italian composer of the Twentieth century and discoverer of ancient music. The program continues with Antonio Vitali’s Ciaccona, a famous masterpiece for violin which has been played by the most important violinist through the ages. This piece is a sequence of variations based on a descending basso ostinato which preserves balance and virtuosity. By Ottorino Respighi we will then play the unedited Sarabanda (1897), a recently rediscovered juvenile composition which is characterized by ancient forms and harmonies. By the same composer, then, the Berceuse, an evoking pastoral lullaby, and the sweet Valse Caressante, a delicate salon composition, both taken from the Six pieces for Violin and Piano (1902). The following Preludio e Danza Siciliana (Sicilian Dance, 1928) by Alfredo Casella are an autograph transcription for violin and piano of the first part of the ballet “La Giara”. The piece is based on Italian folk melodies rendered with virtuoso technique, modern harmonies and lyrical expansion. Again two delicate pieces: A Coralline, a lovable dedication, and Sirventese, a court dance, by Riccardo Pick-Magiagalli, which both incorporate the passionate Italian operatic tradition into light salon compositions. The three-part composition Autumn Suite (2016) by Elia Andrea Corazza combines ancient form and modern melodies. The final Un Diavolo sentimentale (A sentimental devil, 1969) by Nino Rota, a well-known Italian composer of music for the cinema, is an eccentric and sparkling piece based on octatonic scales and augmented fourth, a dissonant interval which, since ancient ages, is called Diabolus in musica.



Antonio Vitali

Ottorino Respighi
Sarabanda (German premiere)
Berceuse e Valse Caressante dai Sei Pezzi per violino e pianoforte

Alfredo Casella
Preludio e Danza siciliana da “La Giara”

Riccardo Pick-Mangiagalli
A Coralline

Elia Andrea Corazza
Autumn Suite
Out of Sadness

Nino Rota
Un diavolo sentimentale